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A humanist wedding is a non-religious ceremony that is usually conducted by a celebrant, rather than a vicar. Humanist wedding ceremonies have increased in popularity, because couples who have no religious beliefs often prefer this type of service. They are much more personalised and are usually completely unique to the couple. You will work closely with the celebrant to ensure that the words, the tone and the atmosphere is perfect for them. 

Celebrants are usually the people who conduct humanist weddings, but friends and relatives could also take on the job. When you choose a celebrant to conduct your wedding ceremony, you will work closely with them so that they will be able to share stories and deliver readings that are personal to you as a couple.

The best thing about humanist weddings are that you can have them in any venue; you are not bound to a church or licensed premises. 

Humanist ceremonies are suitable for everybody and anybody. Couples from different faiths often find these types of ceremonies much easier to plan, as they are completely secular.

The structure of a humanist ceremony is completely up to you. To a certain extent you may rehearse the readings, speeches and stories beforehand so that the bridal party knows the structure. Although there may be a practice run before the wedding day, there is no set framework to adhere to. Usually the couples will make promises to each other, but they will have no legal standing.

A humanist wedding ceremony is all about celebrating a couples relationship before they make their public declaration of love to each other.

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