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Rustic weddings can be such beautiful affairs. There is something so homely and timeless associated with the rugged natural beauty of a rustic wedding. It simply seems to indicate a long-lasting, deep love, so no wonder these types of weddings are on the rise. To help you out, we have come up with a few rustic wedding décor ideas to get you thinking:

Think fabrics
Burlap, or hessian, is a great rustic fabric. You can use it to decorate chairs, for example, You can also mix it with lace to give it a more vibrant feel and contrast, delicate white against the rough brown. You can combine these to make a table runner or a cutlery holder.

Nothing says rustic better than some candles. So why not have these on the tables in with some wooden blocks, or use some twine and circle the bases of the candles.

Old pallets
You can use old wooden pallets stood up on the edge and used as a background for picture frames. These look great as part of the centrepiece of the wedding.

Old jam jars
Get some lace and attach to the rim of your old jam jars to give them a pretty frill, then you can use them as flower holders, or sweet containers.

Wedding wish tree
Go for a walk with your loved one in the woods and pick up the most twisted and straggly fallen branch you can find. Then use this as your wish tree. Ensure that the end has been weighted down and covered with moss and encourage your guest to write wishes and hang them up.

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