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Your wedding is the perfect time to incorporate everything that you love as a couple. If you are both fans of vintage chic, this theme is a coveted classic and an increasingly popular wedding trend. Have a wedding outside of time by incorporating different eras to create a truly unique and memorable special day. Check out these simple vintage wedding ideas to start making your vintage wedding dreams a reality.


Lace And Pearl Eleganza

Add a retro twist to your centrepieces, chair ties and tables by combining lace and pearl. Pearls are classics as they can be draped anywhere, from across the reception tables to luxuriating around the bride’s neck as wedding jewellery. Likewise, with lace, it can be used on your seat covers, as a tie for your flowers and even be an integral part of your wedding dress. Combining the décor with your dress can create a tied in and cohesive theme that makes your wedding even more stylish.


Books, Typewriters And Travel

Nothing inspires a sense of 1920s nostalgia more than a well-used suitcase, the smell of old books, and the view from a train carriage. Get caught up in the rush of the time by setting up travel suitcases to put your wedding gifts or cards in, piling up old books or adding a strategically placed vintage typewriter to give your arrangements some travel flair. If you want to make vintage travel your overall theme, why not create 1920s style wedding invites in the form of a train ticket or a Gatsby-style party invite. Combining flowers with your suitcase, book or travel designs can also create bespoke arrangements that can make your vintage vision even more unique.


Vintage Lighting For Rosy Romanticism

Tea lights, candles and fairy lights create that rosy romanticism that will give your wedding that glossy glow you associate with old photos. Drape fairy lights across reception venues and scatter tea lights on your tables for that individual vintage element. Hang them from centrepieces to create a flowing light piece that will create something memorable for your guests. The rule of three works well with tea lights, so strategically place them throughout your wedding day to uplight your wedding cake or guide guests to your wedding gift table.


Creative Candelabra Centerpieces 

The real beauty of classic vintage is that over-the-top glamour can be timeless. Be excessive with large white candelabra centrepieces incorporated with your flowers, and buy or source vintage bold pattern teacups and splash them all over your table design. Being bold with your reception plans through a vintage lens can take all the glamour of Gatsby and bring it into your very own wedding venue. If you are incorporating larger items into your table designs, you can make them a feature throughout the wedding, from your wedding invites to your table plans and party favours.

You might find your vintage combines perfectly with a rustic theme to create a real nostalgia-infused memory for your special day. Throw the above elements together for a unified vintage extravaganza that you’ll remember for decades to come. If you’re looking for a location for your vintage wedding, consider Dodford Manor and contact us to find out how we can make your retro special occasion come to life.