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A wedding isn’t complete with beautiful flowers. They add romance to the special occasion as well as become useful for many parts of the wedding. You can use them to decorate the venue as well as toss them into the air after the ceremony for the female guests to catch. 


Thus, choosing the perfect wedding flowers for your special day is important. Here are some popular options and unique ideas:

Baroque centrepieces

For those that are fans of 17th-century design, a baroque centrepiece of flowers is a nice touch for the dining tables. These can include various flower options from poppies and marigolds to lilies and hyacinths. Using them as a centrepiece is a great way to perfect your venue and fill it with beautiful floral arrangements everywhere you look.

Pampas grass

A whimsical wedding cannot be complete without pampas grass. Decorate your entryway or your walkway with pampas grass for a minimal yet magical touch. 

Sunflower arch

If you are having an outside wedding, there is nothing more perfect for the special day than sunflowers. Create a beautiful arch for you to stand against while saying your vows. They are colourful and enhance the happy atmosphere.

Bunches of roses

Roses are the most common flowers for weddings. They are perfect in any colour and make a great bunch for tossing into the air for your female guests to catch. 

Peony touches

Peonies are incredibly romantic flowers. Arranging them around the venue adds a special romantic touch. Add them to the doors, the back of the chairs, and the corners of the venue to enhance the romance and loving emotions of the special day. 

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