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You’re engaged and ready to plan the perfect wedding. It’s a wonderful time, but it can also be stressful to figure out how much to spend on everything from the dress, venue, catering and cake. But don’t worry, we know you want your special day to have meaning for not just yourself and your partner but for the environment too. So in this blog post, we’ll show you how to plan a sustainable wedding that is both beautiful and environmentally conscious, without going over budget or getting stressed out in the process!


Choose a location with access to public transportation if possible. If you want to have an outdoor wedding, make sure there is enough space for your guests and parking available or offsite parking nearby. Provide carpool incentives or ask everyone in attendance to walk, bike, take the bus or rideshare together. If you’re hosting the event outside, be sure there is enough shade so guests don’t overheat while sitting through it in their summer outfits. You might even find that renting parasols or large umbrellas can keep everyone cool without spending too much on fans which may break anyway due to windy conditions outdoors.

Recycled Goods

Use recycled items such as paper plates and decorations instead of non-recyclable options that may not be biodegradable! Your local thrift store can help provide cheap decorating ideas while still giving each object some personality by using vintage vases, old books for table numbers and so on. In addition, consider asking friends who have just married if they have any supplies leftover from their own special day that would suit yours.


Instead of serving meat at the wedding dinner, consider hosting a potluck or barbecue instead. You can even set up an area where guests are welcome to bring their own sandwich makings if they are vegetarians! This will keep costs down since everyone is sharing in the preparation, and it’s more environmentally friendly because you won’t have leftovers going to waste either. If your family insists on having traditional meals served, opt for local suppliers that use sustainable growing practices with organic meats whenever possible while keeping portions reasonable.


If you still want to have flowers at your wedding but are concerned about cutting them, consider having live plants instead. This way, they will serve double duty as decorations and also provide beauty to the ceremony space with greenery that can stay alive for years after the wedding!


Instead of expensive gifts, give away something handmade by friends or family members like a photo album made from old photos with beautiful memories, drink coasters decorated with markers or pictures or even a thoughtful poem about your journey to becoming husband and wife. In addition, consider asking guests for donations instead of gifts so you can put the money towards something more meaningful, like a charity that is important to both partners involved.

With all this being said, there are plenty of ways to have an amazing wedding while still doing what’s best for Mother Nature!