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Your wedding day is your big day, so it is only natural that you would want to make sure it is not only as special but also as unique as possible. After all, you and your husband or wife to be are both unique individuals and you deserve a wedding day that reflects your individual personalities and makes your wedding one of the most unforgettable events any of your guests have ever been to!

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some unique wedding decor ideas that will ensure your big day is one of a kind.


Twinkling ceiling lights

The great thing about covering your venue’s ceiling with hundreds, maybe even thousands, of twinkling fairy lights is the fact that it offers you a softer, more romantic room than the usual harsh ceiling lights, which makes the place seem a whole lot more intimate. The twinkling, star-like lights will also add more than a touch of magic to the room that no bride and groom will be able to resist. The photos will look amazing too.


Bespoke coasters

If you want to ensure that your wedding tables are as unique as possible, one really neat idea is to commission some bespoke drinks coasters that lets your guests see a bit more of your personality. Whether you choose wooden coasters that have had both your initials burned into them or glass coasters containing pictures of the guests at each table, one thing’s for sure, every time your guests pick up their drinks, they will be reminded that this is no ordinary wedding.


Blossom trees

If you are looking for wedding decor ideas that are as beautiful as you, the blushing bride is sure to be on your big day, then blossom trees could be the very thing you are looking for. Lining the room with tall, delicate blossom trees will add an effortlessly romantic, almost fairy tale-like atmosphere to your chosen wedding venue that it is hard to replicate in any other way.


Flower garlands

If you’re a certain sort of free-spirited bride, you may have considered wearing a flower garland in your hair on your big day, but flower garlands make wonderful wedding decor too. Whether you wind them around bannisters or use them to prettify roof beams, filling your chosen wedding venue with lush greenery and delicate, brightly coloured flowers is an excellent way of softening the space and showing your guests that this is a very special occasion indeed. If you choose the right mix of flowers for your garlands, it will also fill the room with a heady aroma that none of your guests will be able to forget anytime soon!


Photo displays

A really great way to make the day, and the venue all about you, your wedding and your guests is to set up a photo display wall that charts not only your relationship but the relationships between you and your friends along the way too. A really easy way to create a photo display is to pin up lots of string and use prettily decorated pegs to hang your favourite snaps around the palace.


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