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There’s nothing quite like enjoying a beautiful wedding day, but the presence of good weather and gorgeous natural lighting is the cherry on the cake.

It may be that enjoying a summer-themed wedding with matching decor can elevate your special day even further.

Let’s consider some wonderful decor ideas for this purpose:


Outdoor marquee venues.

By using a gazebo, wearing lighter and less heavy dresses, as well as widening the reception space with outdoor tables, the summer weather can be appreciated in its full gory.


Vibrant flower themes.

Flower collections signal new life, vibrancy, and the dawn of a new day. What wonderful messages these are to punctuate your wedding day. From gorgeous white Gardenias to beautifully intricate Dahlias, a vibrant flower theme helps express the personality of your big day.


Open tables and Al Fresco dining.

Wedding catering is often a formal and quite intricate affair, but in excellent weather, Al Fresco dining could work wonders. This can also inform decors – from ensuring lighter exterior tables are set up, comfortable fixed stools are used, and lined chairs provide an audience of the venue’s entertainment. A light approach may work wonders for you.


Lighter color tones.

Bright environments are best expressed through lighter decor and furniture, from rose gold tables and seating to white table cloths and table trimmings, unobtrusive and lightly textured decorations can work wonders in the beautiful weather.


Venues with exterior utilities.

From using a venue near the waterfront and with an open bar to making use of comfortable resort-based facilities, a venue that offers exterior utilities helps you format your decor more readily, and serves as decor itself.


With these tips, we hope you can enjoy a wonderful summer-themed wedding!