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Large weddings with hundreds of guests might not be an option for many couples today – especially because of pandemic-related restrictions and safety measures. However, something like a pandemic should not stop you from celebrating the love that you have from each other and start the next exciting chapter of your life. A small wedding – when smartly orchestrated – is not any less magical than a large one. However, it can be cheaper, simpler to organise, and more personal. Here are a few tips for a small yet unforgettable wedding. 


Find an Exclusive-Use Venue and Create an A-List

Planning a small wedding starts from the guest list – and the location. The two have to match each other! Instead of trying to cut out people from your original list of 300+ guests, create a new list from your personal VIPs outwards. 

Once you have found the perfect number – between 20 and 40 for a small wedding – it is time to find a location. If you have found the dream setting, but it is too large, don’t worry! Your wedding planner can help you make a large venue feel more intimate. But make sure you have the whole venue for yourself!


Consider a Non-Traditional Venue

With a small party, you might have a larger budget to opt for an unusual or alternative location. This might be in the great outdoors, a barn, or a historical building. In any case, select a venue that looks wonderful naturally – without much decoration needed!


Rethink the Wedding Party

The classic wedding party includes bridesmaids, groomsmen, best men, maids of honor, and ring and flower bearers. However, not all of these roles are of vital importance. You can choose to reduce your wedding party without worries! 


Consider an Elopement or Destination Wedding

With just a few guests invited, you can start thinking outside the box and play with the limits of convenience. An elopement or destination wedding allows you to pick a location that you might not have been able to pick otherwise. Start checking out the best spots in the UK today!


Customise Every Detail

Personalisation and details can make or break any wedding. However, when planning a smaller wedding, it is easier to have a larger portion of the budget to dedicate to it. For a personal touch, you can consider using a family heirloom, your own photos, or personalised wedding favours. Every detail can enhance the guests’ experience! 


Make a Priority List

Not all couples will have the same priority list for spending budget and effort! Some couples really wish to have a photo booth at their wedding, while others might prioritise music or food quality. Whatever it is, be clear on what your wedding really can’t do without!


Invest in Wedding Film and Photos

A small wedding is a magical, intimate event that allows you to spend time with each of your guests and create a personalised, exclusive experience. Invest in professional wedding photos and film is essential to capture the magic – for you and the loved ones who could not be at your wedding!