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Is there a season that is more ideal than summer for a wedding? Dark colours are being replaced with breezy, colourful hues; as we dream of lazy beach days. If you are planning a summer wedding, then all you need to do is look around for a rainbow of vivid, bold colours and wistful, dreamy tones to create the ideal colour palette for your summer wedding.

The emerging summer wedding colours trends for this year are leaving towards the whimsical and embrace that romantic notion that has long been a staple in many weddings.

Pale Blues and Yellow Hues

Watercolours are the theme with your baby blue tones. Think soft and dreamy over sky blue to add a flash of summer to your wedding. Summer weddings this year are featuring blues along with dashes of pale yellow to enhance the blue.

Pastel Pinks

Gentle undertones of blush pink running through the wedding woven into flower arrangements, table dressings, jewellery, accessories and even possibly the wedding dress.

Expect to see a lot of pastel colours for summer weddings this year, especially pink.

Peaches and Gold

Soft, comforting peaches, but not too vivid. The aim is to create an almost nude colour with delicate gold accents that catch the light and bring out the colour in a natural yet classic way.

Rose Gold

Rose gold is still popular for many home decor styles and clothing items. Its popularity precedes it, so it’s only natural to feature heavily in summer weddings thanks to its ability to enhance pretty much any style or theme for summer weddings. Pair perfectly with off white and cream or, to contrast, a deep navy blue for a stylish, elegant theme.


Soft purples and lilac have long been popular for weddings. The shade is largely dependent on summer wedding colour trends. Still, a pop of purple on ties, bridesmaids dresses, adorning bouquets and table decorations can really stand out, especially when paired with ivory or creams.


Bring a touch of the outdoors inside by choosing natural colours to give a more earthy vibe to your big day. Think wooden accents for decor, stationery, along with twine adorning or creating handmade accessories. For colours, you want to focus on using colours that remind you of the great outdoors, so deep greens for leaves, off white flowers and more.


We mean bright pops of colours intersperses through your venue, bouquet, accessories and more. In contrast with the trend of more natural colours and paler shades, the bright orange trend is bold and daring and definitely not for the shy and retiring type.

If you like lots of colours, then embracing the orange trend, the brighter, the better will most definitely be a popular colour choice for summer weddings this year.

When it comes to the perfect wedding colours for summer this year, the emphasis is definitely on your more natural, paler palette for a fresh, soft look that creates that perfect summer vibe we can’t get enough of.