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Your wedding day is the day where you and your partner share your love and commitment with the special people in your lives. It is a celebration of two hearts and two families coming together for the first time.

The celebration follows the ceremony, and no matter if you choose to have a small, intimate ceremony, or to have more witnesses, you need the perfect song for the occasion. 

But how do you choose such a significant song for a significant moment in your lives? 


Be personal 

Is there a song that you and your future spouse find yourselves listening to that means you can’t help but think of them when you hear it? Is there a special song linked to a special moment in your life together? Do you both have a song that you dance to together as you make breakfast? These songs are a great place to start a unique celebration of your love. 


Think about the lyrics 

Now you’ve thought of the significant songs, you should have a read of the lyrics. There are some songs that may have people stopping in their tracks when they hear them. For example ‘Make You Feel my Love’ is a beautiful song about love and commitment until you hear the line ‘I know you haven’t made your mind up yet’– which isn’t exactly the message you want to share on your wedding day! 


Whatever song you choose, make sure it is personal and significant to you and your partner.

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