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Spring weddings allow you to bring a fresh breath of life into your floral bouquets. With the blooming of bright, vivacious daffodils and soft buds of willow trees, there is much to choose from with colours and textures. After the quiet dormancy of the winter months, florists will begin to overflow with seasonal spring flowers giving you a huge palette of colour to choose from.


When considering your spring wedding bouquet, think firstly of both the theme and colour scheme you are envisaging, or even have chosen. It is important to not overlook details from your wedding day that can be brought to life in your wedding bouquet, bridal party flowers, boutonnieres and table centerpieces.


Soft, bouncy blooms like that of fragranced sweet peas and lily of the valley will leave a trail of scent behind you as you walk down the aisle to linger amongst your guests. Plus, the gorgeous soft pastel tones of sweet peas mean they work well amongst other coloured blooms. Additionally, incorporating jam jars of sweet peas into your table dressings is a wonderful way to bring your wedding theme together. 


Peonies and roses are an undisputed staple amongst wedding bouquets. Using pussy willow stems with blousy peonies and english roses adds a dramatic, but sophisticated shape and style to your spring wedding bouquet. With the life Spring brings in the early months of the year, there are some wonderful seasonal choices you can incorporate into your spring bouquet just like that of pussy willow. 


Of course, the fragility of flowers needs to be considered and some of the more gentle blooms associated with spring. Tulips work wonderfully in vases, but can shed pollen and the petals bruise easily from over handling when in a bouquet. Naturally, your wedding bouquet needs to sufficiently last until the evening reception party and look splendid for your wedding photos. 


Our suppliers directory features exceptional florists who are more than happy to help you create the perfect wedding bouquet for a spring wedding. We also have stunning grounds which can give beautiful inspiration for your wedding day and all the important touches like your wedding bouquet.