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So, you’re engaged. Congratulations! The initial excitement of the prospect of your dream wedding, marrying the love of your life and celebrating with friends and family, is unbeatable. There’s so much to plan, so much to enjoy, and so many people to show off your ring to! After the first few weeks of beaming your way through life as a fiancée, you might start thinking about throwing a celebratory bash. Most people have engagement parties; some are big – almost as decadent as the weddings themselves – while others just host a get-together in the local pub. Whatever your style, here are some essential pieces of advice for planning your engagement party.

A Party Which Reflects You As A Couple

No matter who you are, your identity as a couple has never been more important than now. When you’re planning a party, you’ll get all sorts of advice; some will tell you to keep it classic and muted, others will encourage you to make a big statement with your stylistic choices. The most important thing, though, is that this party reflects you as a couple. If you’re the kind of people who like to stay at home, cook delicious food and snuggle up on the sofa, perhaps a fancy party with lots of frills isn’t for you. 

After all, it’s your party. You are meant to enjoy it! Plus, your friends and family will want to celebrate you for who you are. Throw the party that reflects you, not the people who want to come across as. 

Making The Most Of The Night

An engagement party is about having fun. Weddings can bring a lot of pressure, and there are many plates spinning at once: the ceremony, the reception, the dinner, the dance, the cake, choosing a theme, the speeches… It’s a lot. And while weddings are beautiful, they aren’t always the most relaxing events for the bride and groom. So, let your engagement party be an opportunity to let your hair down! Of course, there’s planning involved and things can get a little stressful, but don’t let the logistics get in the way of your night. This is your pressure-free time as a couple to have fun and let loose. 

Let Your Friends and Family Help

Getting caught up in your own perfectionism is an easy mistake to make. After all, you’re only engaged once, and you want everything to be exactly as you pictured it. However, the best-laid plans of bride and groom… Well, you know. It’s never going to perfect. That’s the beauty of it! Instead of getting wrapped up in your Pinterest party dreams, let your friends and family help you out. Letting others in can take some of the weight off your shoulders. Try asking your creative friends to design an invitation; perhaps your most culinary mates can bake a cake. Plus, having those you love provide some of the party’s key elements makes it all the more personal and lovely.

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