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As the bride, you’ve probably spent a lot of time thinking about your wedding dress – the garment that you’re going to wear on the big day. But have you considered your bridesmaids outfits? 

If not, don’t panic: this post is here to help. Here we take a look at some ideal summer wedding dresses for bridesmaids on your big day. Check them out below:

Reformation Violet Dress

If you’re going for a semi-sultry look for your bridesmaids or you’re planning on getting married in the height of summer, then Reformation violet dresses might be just the ticket. With these, you can feel like you’re on an episode of Bridgertons. 

These dresses are popular for leaving the shoulders bare and the off-the-shoulder straps. There’s also a nice natural cinch in the fabric around the midriff, and a long, flowing skirt. Wearing this, your bridesmaids will feel like regency-era heroines. 

Printed Chiffon Gowns

For something a little more demure, you might want to consider a floral-printed chiffon gown. These are ideal for garden party wedding receptions, and feature plenty of coverage top and bottom. They’re ideal for anyone going for the romantic look. 

Scoop Neck Midi Dress

Scoop neck midi dresses are another spring or summer favourite. They have the rare combination of being both stylish and comfortable, with many made from stretchy fabric that will hug your bridesmaid’s bodies. The skirt is easy-fitting, but also long, with the arms and shoulders exposed, save for two thin straps. 

Birdy Grey Grace Convertible Dress

If you want your bridesmaids to look elegant but also merge with the background, then look no further than the Bridy Grey dusty blue dress. It comes with a long skirt and off-the-shoulder straps for an elegant look, and is a type of slate blue colour that you might see on ornamental waterfowl. The nice thing about this dress is that you can customise it and wear it in a number of different ways, should you choose to do so. 

Cowl Neck Midi Bridesmaid Dress

Cowl necks are becoming more popular at weddings, and it’s not hard to see why. Dresses that fall along these lines are great for those looking for shorter hemlines and something that feels more summer-like overall. David’s Bridal does this dress in a variety of bust sizes, offering an elegant fit for all your female VIPs. 

ASOS Tulle Maxi Dress

Strictly speaking, ASOS doesn’t maret its Tulle Maxi Dress as a bridesmaid gown. However, it can serve that purpose if you want it to. The plunging v-neck and dipped back are ideal for spinning on the dance floor. And the subtle pink should hopefully merge into your wedding’s background theme, instead of standing out like a sore thumb. 

11 Honoré Nia Dress

Lastly, if you’re looking for something more substantial, you could opt for the 11 Honoré Nia Dress. This features a high slit on the skirt and an interesting asymmetrical hemline. There’s also a flattering V-neck which makes it flattering on virtually any body type

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