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We spend a lot of time thinking about what the bride will wear on the wedding day, but what about the groom? Sure, he’ll probably wear a suit and maybe a tie, but what other accessories should he don? Let’s take a look. 

Shiny Cufflinks

No groom’s wedding outfit is complete without some nice, new shiny cufflinks. Wearing a smart pair helps to give any man about to get married a sleek and sophisticated appearance. Some grooms like to get their cufflinks specially inscribed with the date of the big day or their partner’s initials. 

Pocket Square

While the pocket square might seem a little too formal for the office, it’s the perfect accompaniment for a wedding. What’s more, you can choose one that matches the theme of the day. Perfect!

Designer Suspenders

While a belt will get the job done, suspenders can add an extra touch of class to your outfit. These help to hoist your trousers up towards your navel but, primarily, they’re about fashion, not practicality. 

In many ways, suspenders are the ultimate statement wedding accessory. They’re a rare sight these days, so if you want the groom’s outfit to stand out, try them. 

Personalised Socks

Lastly, all sorts of brands offer personalised socks these days. You can get them stitched in practically any pattern you like. 

If it’s your wedding day, you could get the vendor to inscribe them with the word “love” or something that both you and your fianceé find funny. You can also choose socks that match your pocket square.

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