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A Christmas wedding offers so many options with theming your decorations, which can sometimes be less helpful if you are struggling to decide. With a Christmas wedding, firstly think about how much space you need to decorate and where you may require indoor and outdoor decorations.


It goes without saying that a Christmas wedding needs to lend a festive touch to your decorative accents, but be sure to think of including them within moderation to not overcomplicate your look. Try to keep a simple palette of colour – Whether this be white, silver and blue or green, red and gold for example. Otherwise, it may make your decorations look disjointed from your theme and overall wedding colours of too many are competing.


Or consider the types of decorations you are using – Simple, faux topiary dressed with string lights, or even christmas trees if possible make for an enchanting christmas walkway for guests evening arrival and involve the outdoor space of your venue. Many wedding hire companies have lit, faux greenery for just this purpose.


Set up a photo booth with a retro illuminated christmas sign and use wrapping paper to create a backdrop for a unique and charming photo opportunity for all guests. Christmas costume accessories can be placed in a gift sack for even more photo fun whilst keeping on theme.


Table centrepieces need to fit the table and also allow guests to talk with each other over the table. So consider the height and size of your centrepieces – Opt for a height where it won’t block guests from opposite sides of the table. Elegant branches arranged in a vase and dressed with glittering baubles and sparkling lights above head height make for show-stopping table centres. 


Chair sashes and table linens are a wonderful way to incorporate a christmas theme. Runners can be used to mimic ribbons wrapped around presents and chair sashes tied in large, pristine bows. Wrap your favours as mini christmas gifts and use gift tags in place of classic namecards. Crackers on the tables are an essential for a Christmas wedding to finish the table decorations off.


There is so much fun to be had with decorating your Christmas wedding, both inside and out. Just ensure to establish your colour scheme and to not to over complicate the look or crowd the venue space with too many unnecessary props and decorations.

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