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With weddings being held in a variety of different locations and venues far beyond that of where more conventional weddings took place in decades past, naturally also gone are the days of the standard, formal wedding card invitation.


Wedding invitations are the first glimpse people will see surrounding the theme of your wedding and so this makes them a perfect opportunity to embrace some creative license! Fun, quirky and unconventional wedding invitations offer a great way to build excitement for your big day. 

Here are some different ideas you could consider for your wedding invitations to break the traditional norm.


Festival Access Pass:

Having a Glasto’ themed wedding full of live music, street food and straw bale seating? Then what better than to deliver your wedding invitation as a VIP festival style lanyard your guests can even then wear to the event for access to all areas. Maybe even throw in a wristband for full festival vibes!


Flight Ticket:

Destination themed weddings or weddings held abroad need a flight ticket wedding invitation! Create your invitations with a tear-off stub for RSVP and the wedding info on the ticket. This is such a fun way to capture the theme of your wedding. Even deliver them with a trip itinerary style insert to explain the structure of the day in advance.


Golden Ticket:

Hosting a Willy Wonka inspired wedding or even a whimsical afternoon tea-party styled wedding? Quirky themed weddings can be made to feel extra exclusive and a nod toward the avante garde with golden ticket wedding invitations. A sophisticated and classy touch to what will be an incredibly joy filled day.


Board Game Inspired:

A very fun and quirky wedding invitation can be made by theming your invite on a favourite board game you both enjoy. Take Monopoly for example. Use pieces from gameplay as inspiration and devise a themed invite that looks as if it came straight from a game box. For example the community chest cards are your RSVP slip and a set of property cards make for your wedding information inserts.