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Candles are refreshing, and they give any wedding a warm and colourful glow. The best part is there are so many candle décor ideas.

Candles on the Dining Area

Incorporating candles is a good idea, especially for the reception area. You could mix up the candles and flowers all together on the table. If the reception goes all the way through the night, the candles will do a good job of lighting up the room or area.

Wedding Aisle Candle Décor

You can light up the aisle using candles. Make your wedding beautiful and memorable by beautifully setting up well-arranged candles on the aisle. It is a good decoration idea and will also look good in pictures.

Floating Candles Candle Décor

If your wedding is near a lake or a beach, you can easily incorporate this idea. It is a unique setup that will light up your wedding and give it some warmth. The floating candles also look really good in photos.

The candles will give your wedding the aesthetics it needs. Make your wedding unique by considering this idea.

Scented Candles

This is a perfect décor idea for any minimalist. Most scented candles come packaged in cute glasses, perfect for a simple décor. You could consider placing a couple of candles on each table.

The scented candles are perfect because they are beautiful and make the whole place smell nice. If you are a minimalist looking for a simple but cute idea, you can consider scented candles.

Light up your wedding by adding candles and putting some thought into the candle décor.