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When theming your spring wedding décor, select something that is creative and fits and blends into the season. Whether modern or traditional, a little creativity can make your wedding a unique and memorable event. Make your wedding distinctive with the following cool ideas.

Butterfly theme

Butterflies signify the transformation of the couple from singlehood to marriage and are a perfect inclusion in spring wedding décor. Butterfly designs can include butterfly-printed utensils, butterfly fondants on the cake, 3D butterfly designs on dresses, flowers, or hair clips.

You can make it more fascinating by placing live butterflies in glass jars and letting your guests release them at an appointed time.

Wedding doves

Birds return to regions during spring. Doves are used as a symbol of purity, innocence, and peace. You can have photos of doves on the invitation cards, get dove figurines, or release actual doves at a designated session, such as when the groom kisses the bride. Remember to treat the doves humanely and check venue restrictions if you use live doves.

Eclectic Theme

Eclectic theme screams of bright colours. From décor to dressing, everything is brightly coloured and displays a sense of enjoyment and temperament. The wedding venue can have tables with eclectic arrangements that match the theme colours. You can also include antique-looking candelabra to bring out the eclectic vibe more.

Spellbinding Garden Theme

A spellbinding garden theme creates the look and feel of a bountiful lawn. Use flowers with a romantic feel such as roses and intertwine them with fiesta lights. Add a floral cake, botanically decorated tablecloths, and potted plants to the theme to make it more appealing. Ensure your tablecloths and any other themed fabrics are neutrally coloured.

Wildflower Theme

House plants are common in most spring weddings. Step out of the monotonous trail by using stunning wildflowers. Wildflowers can make your wedding unique, classy, charming, and tasteful. Some of the flowers you can use are rice flowers, baby’s breath, bachelor buttons, cosmos, and foxgloves. You can also do wildflower centrepieces and seed packets.

Tropical Theme

Consider a tropical theme consisting of large leaves, exotic plants, spring yellow with flashes of other tropical flowers. Tropical colours blend well with pink or turquoise table cloths and a centrepiece with flowers and leaves.

Golden utensils such as plates and drinking vessels blend well with tropical themes to spice up your spring wedding décor.

Pale Yellow Theme

Pale yellow is common in many spring weddings, and it never goes out of style. Flowers available in yellow shades include daisies, lilies, roses, tulips, crocus, mimosa, and Japanese roses. You can also use yellow ribbons for your bouquet, dresses, and wedding palette.

Traditional Theme

Go back to the ancient ways and incorporate traditional wedding colours, patterns, and décor. You can consider different pink, blue, ivory, gold, black, and white shades. Don’t do so many colours. You can stick to two or three colours of your choice, say green and white. Select traditional flowers like white roses and leave the green petals attached. 


The theme is meant to personalise your spring wedding décor. The one you choose for your wedding décor should make you and your betrothed feel happy and comfortable. It should create a beautiful and refreshing atmosphere that is satisfactory and looks good even in your wedding photos.