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Flowers play an integral role in bringing your wedding design together. From the bride’s bouquet to the beautifully crafted centrepieces at the reception, flowers set the tone for your wedding with their uniqueness, beauty, and vibrant colours. Like all things, wedding flowers have trends and styles that cannot go wrong with couples planning their big day, and here are a few.

Dried Flowers

If you feel fresh blooms require too much care or are worried they might wither during your wedding, it’s time to consider dried flowers. With their understated colours and many uses, dried flowers – since gaining popularity around 2016 – are here to stay. Why dried flowers? They are long-lasting; require minimal care and budget-friendly. Most importantly, because they are dried, you can have out-of-season flowers featured in your floral arrangements and décor! Or you can have the best of both worlds by incorporating both fresh and dried flowers in your floral arrangements! While dried flowers are usually more featured in bohemian, vintage, and rustic-themed weddings, their warm tones allow for them to fit perfectly in modern-themed weddings.

Aisle Bouquets

The aisle is perhaps the most important part of a wedding setting. It’s where you and your wedding party will make your first entrance, and it reveals a myriad of emotions from the soon-to-be wedded couple to the guests. Simply put, it is the best place to capture photographs. Therefore, much thought should go into a floral aisle design that will fit into your wedding’s theme ranging from lush greenery, rose petals, and bougainvillaea to even cacti! What’s more, you can even add extra touches to your décors, such as lantern accents and candles.

Floral Moon Gates

These are also known as infinity arches. Moon gates are spherical floral arrangements that serve as a beautiful backdrop for photographs and hold a much deeper meaning. The moon gate is used as an element in traditional Chinese garden architecture, which is a symbol of joy and happiness.

Sustainable Blooms

Weddings are a busy time. Between finding the perfect dress, tux, and managing a budget, you would very unlikely to think of how to reduce carbon dioxide emissions while getting married. However, you can show your love for nature by shopping and selecting local and seasonal flowers. These days many brides opt for more environmentally friendly options such as do-it-yourself or rented potted plants that can be reused, using freeze-dried petals that come in various colours and even tree branches.

Bleached Flowers

Two words describe bleached flowers – simple elegance. These flowers are bleached to remove all or some colours and turn them white in certain instances. Their nude and muted palettes make it suitable for the couple looking to complete that soft and airy look at their minimalist wedding. They can be used as wreaths, centrepieces, hanging floral arrangements as well as bouquets and boutonnieres in favour of the usual greenery.

Flowers bring life and beauty to every wedding ceremony. Make your day special by incorporating these floral trends into your upcoming nuptials for an unforgettable experience.