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You need to put the perfect wedding checklist together, and we want to help you! Let’s go through a few things you need to remember as you put together a plan for your upcoming nuptials. 

Figure Out How Long You Need

The first thing to do, when trying to put together the perfect wedding checklist, is to work out how long planning will take. When’s the wedding date? How long do you have before then? And how long will you need to book suppliers, a venue, and to get all of your guests involved? Most people tend to plan for about 10 months to get everything on the checklist squared away. 

Figure Out Your Budget

Then it’s time to work out the budget at your disposal; what you’ve saved up, etc. You need to know how much you can spend booking everything you need, and what levels of music, food, and party options you can aim for. 

Figure Out Your Options

And now you can go out and figure out what options are available to you! What band you’d like to play during the reception, what catering company you’d like to provide the buffet, and ultimately, the backup options you can have on your side just in case. 

The perfect wedding checklist is all about covering your bases, so make sure you’ve got a good outline to follow. Hopefully, the tips above have provided a bit of inspiration, to make sure you’ve got the most amazing big day coming up! 

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