wedding artist

It’s very exciting to have a Live caricaturist at your wedding! Super fast and Fun Caricatures drawn in real-time of you and your guests by one of the UK’s top Caricaturists

Perfect for breaking the ice and cracking those smiles!

How it works:

You pay for a set amount of hours (2-3 hours) and the caricatures are then free to your guests! (2 for 1 – Entertainment and a wedding favour!)
There are a number of set-ups available;
— Daytime / before dark sessions – Mix and Mingle / Walk About and draw the guests as they drink and be merry!
— Evening sessions – Set up a small ‘booth’ style space with an easel and a banner for your guests to spot me, come and sit for a quick caricature!
— Table hopping during seated dinners – This works great for some fun entertainment round the table.

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