Many congratulations on your up coming Wedding.
Having your wedding at Dodford Manor makes for a truly magical day, the team that work their are professional and always on the ball and I love working with them.

Why have a Toastmaster:

Hello, my name is Will and I am a trained professional down to earth toastmaster with 5 star testimonials.

Toastmasters enhance the day, adding extra personal touches throughout that make it all the more special for the couple and for their guests. For me, being a toastmaster is about making special memories for people; I’m an added formality who can act as an extra pair of hands, not only helping to organise the day, but keeping guests entertained, helping the photographer by gathering guests for formal photos and enhancing the all important speeches. I also have a great sense of humour, so by having me as a Toastmaster, you know there is never going to be a boring moment

The couple always has a lot of input into what a toastmaster does. We meet a few weeks before the big day and talk about how they would like the day to run; I have a checklist I like to go through that helps us decide how to structure it all.
My role as toastmaster takes many guises, but the one thing they have in common is that they should make the event memorable – for all the right reasons!

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