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With a love for both weddings and pets, we are proud to be a dog-friendly wedding venue here at Dodford Manor, from the first guest arriving, right up until the start of your wedding breakfast! Your canine family member can therefore take part in your ceremony and your drinks reception, sharing the spotlight with their favourite humans!


Dog Sitter

Although the services can vary by each supplier, a dog sitter will generally collect your dog from your wedding at an agreed time, look after them for the duration of the day and accommodate them overnight if required. A dog sitter will ensure your dog is looked after and exercised based on their individual needs, either in their own home whilst you are away or at a boarding house.  

It is very much the same as if you were going away on holiday or to use a dog walking service whilst you are at work. A dog sitter generally would not bring you dog to the wedding and get involved with the celebrations; that would be the role of a dog chaperone.


Dog Chaperone

A dog chaperone will collect your dog on the morning of your big day, exercise, and spoil them and then bring them to your wedding here at Dodford Manor. They will assist with important elements like helping your pooch get down the aisle, sitting still for photo opportunities and keeping them quiet as you say, ‘I Do’. 

They will then take your dog away for the night, accommodate them and prepare them for your collection the next day. The level of service can normally be tailored to suit your furry friend’s needs, based on how involved you would like your dog to be on your wedding day.


Who will look after my dog on my wedding day?

We have a trusted list of dog sitters and chaperone services amongst our  Dodford Manor supplier pages. They have been vetted to provide a safe and enjoyable experience for you and your dog on the big day! Follow the suppliers menu to find out more about the different local dog sitting and chaperone businesses who can assist with the care of your canine family on your wedding day.