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Wedding favours have long been a traditional part of wedding day celebrations and used to solely be the gift of five sugared almonds in a small box or bag. These five almonds were to represent the blessings of health, fertility, wealth, happiness and long-life upon a newly married couple. 


But as time moves forward and fashions change, the traditional sugared almond has fallen out of favour. Now instead of being a token of blessing and luck to a newly wed couple, wedding favours are now considered as a gift to thank your guests for sharing your wedding day with them.


On typing the term ‘wedding favours’ into Google, you were no doubt bombarded with hundreds of options and types. Plus, not just the favour but how to package them also. It can be quite overwhelming, and expensive, for such a seemingly small part of your wedding day.


When considering your favours, think firstly about how much of your budget you can allocate to them. And once, doing that consider the best favour to purchase which guest will want to use or enjoy. Try to pick something that will appeal to all guests and besides fitting your budget, it also works with your wedding theme.


Confectionery is a popular choice. Customised sweetie wrappers make for sweet favours to gift and can be sourced from a range of confectionery brands. Also, couples choose to give alcoholic miniatures as their choice of wedding favour. 


Seed packets are a sustainable and thoughtful favour which provide enjoyment after the wedding when guests have planted their seeds and the seeds grow into herbs, flowers or even wildlife friendly plants. 


Bar tokens can be offered as a favour to both give a literal token of appreciation to your guests and offer a free round at the bar for everyone. This works well as guests can pick what they like and the tokens can be easily just placed onto the table.


Once choosing your favour, then as earlier mentioned, you need to consider how you present the favour on the table. Organza bags are a popular choice or small laser cut boxes. There are no set rules, again use the theme of your decoration and wedding day to guide how you wish to make the favours part of your wedding breakfast tables.