Zero Cheese – Just Good Vibes
“No awkward poses and he fit in like a normal guest, he was brilliant. Our photos are stunning and we are so glad to have had him there.”

Hey, I’m Darren,

Don’t you just love Dodford Manor?! I know I do, its atmosphere around a wedding day is stunning. The charm of the scenic views, the character of the barns and the sunsets, they’re just a small part of why I love shooting at Dodford Manor.

As much as I genuinely love all things romantic, I am actually allergic to awkward wedding photography. Which is why I don’t force anything. It’s pretty much the happiest day of your lives, so all of that wholesomeness unfolds in front of me. No awkward turtles, I promise. Check out my page to see a massive Dodford Manor gallery and get inspo from some stunning weddings.

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