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Thinking of throwing a country wedding? Adding some rustic and earthy decor could help to add to the country theme. Below are a few fun country wedding decor ideas to consider.


Wooden signs

Setting up a few signs around your venue can help to direct guests to where they need to be. Why not consider some personalised wooden signs for the occasion? These could consist of elegantly hand painted white text on oak boards. There are companies that can make wooden signs for you, or you can make your own if you feel up to it.



Haystacks are certain to add that country feel to your wedding. A small haystack could be used as a table to place the cake on or put the guest book on. Alternatively, you could use small stacked haystacks around the venue as a decorative feature. Haystacks can even be used as improvised seating, either indoors or outdoors.


Barrels and crates

Barrels and crates are perfect for adding that rustic touch. You could set up some barrel tables with stools around the bar or use crates as chairs. Alternatively, they could simply be decorative features to display around the venue. 


Ceremony arch

You could consider setting up a ceremony arch somewhere on the grounds of your venue. Even if you don’t host your ceremony at the arch, it could still be a great prop for taking photographs in front of. Wooden ceremony arches with flowers and drapes attached are perfect for keeping to that country theme. 


Rustic bouquets

When it comes to flowers, think beyond your usual floral displays. Adding in some slightly dried flowers and sprigs of greenery could help to give your bouquets a more rustic feel as if they’ve been plucked freshly from the field. On top of bouquets, consider leafy wreaths and garlands too.



Sunflowers offer an immediate sense of warmth and light. They’re also a popular farm crop, which gives them a country feel. Sunflowers are statement flowers so try to use them in moderation. It’s worth placing them in areas that you want to draw people’s attention to.



When it comes to lighting, you could consider adding a few lanterns. These could be placed on tables or they could be hanging from strings above. Lanterns are great for adding an ambient glow. There are lots of different designs of lanterns to look into – don’t be afraid to mix and match.



You could also consider lighting a few candles. Candles have long been associated with romance and they have a rustic feel that makes them perfectly suited to a country wedding. When choosing candles, you could consider a few scented candles – you could consider floral and woody aromas to fit in with the theme.



Another prop to consider when looking into country wedding decor ideas could be a wheelbarrow. You could fill a wheelbarrow with flowers for a unique floral display. Alternatively, you could fill a wheelbarrow with ice and beers which guests can freely take.