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Weddings are joyful affairs, often bringing to mind spring colours and summer dresses. But black dresses can still be elegant and wedding-worthy without looking like you’re attending a more sombre affair. Whether you’re a bride looking for something different or a guest keen to wear their new buy, here’s how to wear a black dress to a wedding.

Black Wedding Dress

Queen Victoria is believed to be the white wedding dress originator, as she wore one when she married Prince Albert in 1840. She caused quite a stir; traditionally, most brides wore colourful dresses, and white wasn’t the norm. So why not wear a black wedding dress? White isn’t an ancient tradition like many people think, it’s just the current fashion. So wear your black wedding dress with pride. Black wedding dresses can look timeless and elegant and stand out against the standard white wedding dress.

A Dramatic Twist

Many elegant dresses incorporate both black and white, from vintage swing wedding dresses to full-length princess-style trains. The two-tone can also be used as shading to create an ombre effect or used to create a distinctive bohemian style dress for your rustic wedding. Incorporating two contrasting colours will allow you to put a dramatic and memorable twist on the standard dress, making a unique creation that stands out in your photos.

The Bridesmaids

If you’re trying to unify your bridesmaids, black as a dress choice could create a stark contrast with your own gown (especially if it’s white). The photos are a great way to make a white wedding dress stand out and put you in focus for your snaps. Keeping your bridesmaid’s dresses in a similar length to yours – floor length if you have a train, cropped if you have a shorter style, will make a great like-for-like contrast against your dress. 

A Floral Affair

As a bride, you should wear whatever you want, but as a guest, wearing black is a risky choice if you don’t do it properly. However, incorporating floral patterns with a black background is the perfect way to wear black. Whether you’ve got a long floral maxi dress or a cropped dress or jumpsuit, black with print is the ideal combination and wedding safe-zone.

Black Tie Wedding

If you know the wedding you’re attending will be full of high-end fashionistas, wearing a black dress might be expected. Feel sophisticated with a black ball gown as your supping wine into the evening. When wearing all black, keep it elegant or flowing, and not overly austere or with harsh lines. Make it clear this dress is for celebrating a wedding. And don’t forget if the bride is wearing black, you might want to wear white instead.

There is no rule for brides – wear what you want and feel free to have your bridesmaids dresses in contrasting colours to make your dress stand out. As a guest, unless you’re explicitly told not to wear black, as long as you avoid looking too severe, a black dress can be the perfect thing to wear to a wedding. Have fun with your black wedding dress shopping if you’re searching for a dress to make your special day perfect.