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Your wedding plans should be well detailed, with each element having a purpose, down to what you will want your bridesmaids to wear. While you don’t want to enforce strict dress rules and deny your bridesmaids the chance to express their individuality, you may also have a particular look that will fit your wedding’s theme. So how do you keep everyone happy? These styles might just be the answer:


Jumpsuits are very stylish and flattering to almost every body type. Aside from your bridesmaids finding it easier to get down on the dance floor, they can re-wear this outfit for different occasions. What’s more, most jumpsuits usually come with pockets for storing important items, therefore, making it a very practical outfit for the modern bridesmaid.

Bold Patterns & Prints

Do you want a bold and colourful wedding? Then having your bridesmaids in bright patterns (floral, polka dots, paisley) will fit in with your wedding’s overall design. 

Satin Slip Dresses

Are you going for a more glamorous look? Try satin slip dresses. They have gradually gained popularity with bridesmaids and even brides. Slip dresses; when well-tailored and cut, flatter every figure on your bridal team. 

Wrap Dresses

For many decades, women have loved the wrap dress. Wrap dresses are designed to flatter every figure as well as provide comfort, and while these dresses have been around for a long time, your bridesmaids will still be ecstatic about this option.

Bridesmaids have the power to influence the ambience of your wedding. By showing that you care for their individual needs, your bridesmaids are more likely to support you in style on your big day.