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Our barn wedding venue for all seasons…found in the glorious Northamptonshire countryside! Welcome to Dodford Manor!

Here at our countryside barn wedding venue we have seen all kinds of weather throughout the year but we aren’t faced by it, we love working with Mother Nature and all prepared for anything!

Deciding when to tie the knot is already a big decision on it’s own, let alone trying to predict the weather forecast for your big day! Lots of couple do usually look at the weather ‘chances’!  Let’s face it, British weather is certainly not the easiest to predict. From the height of the summer to the darkest winter months, you really can never be sure what good old Mother Nature will be surprising you with on the big day.

One thing is sure though, and that is that you want your guests to be happy and comfortable what ever the weather!

And here at Dodford Manor, we are very happy to say we can cater for all!!

Here are some simple and clever ideas to help you …..By adding some lovely additions to your wedding day that will not only look great, but your guests will be delighted too!

Come Rain or Shine

With the breath-taking countryside surrounding the venue, you are certainly not going to let Mother Nature stop you from getting the best from your photography. Think ahead! By slipping out of your Jimmy Choo’s and into your bridal wellies will not only protect your heels but will add a quirky country feel to your shots as you walk hand in hand across the glorious countryside fields.

A matching umbrella will not only keep you dry but will naturally create cosy romantic shots as you snuggle underneath it together.

Providing several matching umbrellas for your guests to use is a lovely thoughtful touch and can look wonderful by mirroring the colour theme of your wedding décor. Forward thinking on summer days too can ensure that your guests fully enjoy the summer weather and beautiful surroundings by sheltering under lovely summer parasols.

To Have & To Hold

As the darker months set in and the cooler air arrives, winters weddings become all about cosy romantic evening. Big soft cushions and a rustic basket laden with soft, warm blankets for guests to wrap around themselves is the perfect addition to any cold month evening reception.

Surprise Treats

What ever the weather you can be sure that your guests will want to look and feel their best on your big day. Whether they need to cool down or freshen up, a surprise hamper of treats in the ladies & gents will certainly do the trick! From hairspray to painkillers and deodorant to safety pins, a wicker hamper full of simple products is all you need to complete this lovely addition to the bathrooms and we guarantee your guests will love this touch!

The gents are usually quite taken by the wheelbarrow full of goodies!

Sooth Those dancing Feet!

Once the evening entertainment really kicks off, you can be sure that heels will be kicked of too! After a wonderful day of wedding formalities, your guests will love nothing more that hitting the dance floor through to midnight. Add a rustic basket of flip-flops near the dance floor for guests to help themselves to some light relief when the heels are proving too much to bare!

A countryside barn wedding venue for all seasons! A box we can tick and we would love to tick for you!

If you want to come and have a look at our venue yourself, please just give us a ring on 01327 349761 or email the team: [email protected].

We would love to show this stunning venue with its fabulous countryside views to yourself and maybe even your family! We will even try to book you the weather of your liking for your day! There is no river to deep, no mountain to high for us here at Dodford Manor!