What is the role of your ushers?


 What duties do your ushers perform? 

florish_dodfordmanorIf you’re having Ushers for your wedding at Dodford Manor Wedding Venue then it’s always a good idea to tell them exactly what is expected of them, they aren’t just there to look cool! Your wedding is an incredibly important event in your life and when your lifelong mates and family members accept the responsibility of participating in your day, it’s worth taking the time to brief them properly on what you’d like them to do.  So what is the role of your ushers? . . .

A Warm Welcome

From my point of view as an Event Manager it’s great when there are a few eager and responsible gentlemen around to help things go smoothly.  One of their most important tasks is to welcome the guests as they arrive. Guests are often a tiny bit nervous as they arrive for a wedding, some of them may never have been to wedding that’s not at a church before, some guests may be arriving on their own, some may have travelled from afar and not really know many of the other guests; in these cases nothing puts them at ease like a warm welcome and a smile from an usher who can direct them into The Oak Panelled Entrance Hall and through into The Morning Room.  In the case of single ladies arriving for the wedding, it’s lovely if an usher offers his arm and walks her to her seat.

A Helpful Hand

Most of your guests will never have been to Dodford Manor Wedding Venue before, they won’t know where to hang their coats, where the toilets are, where they’re supposed to be at any given point.  It’s one of my jobs as your Event Manager to give all this information to the Ushers early in the day because people will gravitate towards them with these questions, as they stand out as someone in charge in their lovely suits.  It’s really helpful therefore, if the Ushers arrive at least one hour before the Ceremony so I get a moment to chat to them before guests start to arrive.

Rounding Up!

Most couples have a short list of key family and bridal party photographs which they’d like taken on their wedding day during the drinks reception.  These are communicated to your photographer in advance and it’s a great idea to give your chief usher the list and the task of rounding up those key family members as and when the photographer is ready for them. The Best Man isn’t the best choice for this as he’s often in the photographs.

Inviting Guests to the Wedding Breakfast

If you’re planning on doing a Receiving Line, where you welcome each guest into The Ballroom personally for the Wedding Breakfast then it’s really helpful if the Ushers are on hand to help invite just a few guests in at a time.  That way because they’ve staggered the guests, it prevents just one big queue of guests waiting to go through the Receiving Line.

Looking Cool

Let’s not forget that Ushers do look pretty cool! Secretly they love dressing up in the fine suits and I love it when they play with the attire slightly, I remember one wedding where they all looked very traditional until you caught a flash of their socks which were all different fluorescent colours! I’m often called upon to remind the Groom, Best Man and Ushers that it’s etiquette for the bottom button of a single breasted waistcoat to remain undone, (something to do with a rather portly Edward VII back in the day!)

I know that I haven’t mentioned the Best Man here, that’s because he has his own incredibly important job, he’s there to support the Groom, look after the rings and do a fantastic speech! He’s actually not the best person for any of the tasks above as he’s got enough to do, bless!

Hopefully now you know what is the role of your ushers, remember that if you don’t fancy having any ushers that’s absolutely fine and your Events Manager will be on hand all day to help guests and make sure things run smoothly for you but if you are having Ushers, make them earn those suits!