Why choose a barn wedding venue?


With the buildup to and the enjoyment of Christmas now over (boo), the New Year celebrations recently past, and everyone enduring the current blustery winter weather… you would be fooled into

thinking the national mood is one of grim determination, endurance and willing on the springtime! However across the nation there is a wonderful group, whose feet are barely touching the ground and their spirits are soaring! Over the festive season several thousand folk will have ‘popped the big question’ and got engaged. Congratulations!

Newly engaged couples are at this minute excitedly hatching wedding plans, drawing on their recent experiences of friends’ and family weddings, scouring the internet/social media for wedding inspiration… and zipping round the country seeking a wedding venue. It is on this last point we’ll dwell.

‘Newly-engageds’ have never had so much choice in wedding venues on offer; from stately homes to a marquees in a field, rambling country houses to village halls, hotels to barn wedding venues. There is a diverse variety of venues out there to suit every couple and budget! With such a raft of appealing venues, why do some couples choose barn wedding venues?

We meet a wonderful range of newly engaged couples at Dodford Manor and whilst they have very individual ideas and aspirations for their wedding day, from listening to what made them visit us and what they want from a barn wedding venue, we have noted a couple of interesting trends.

1. A barn weddings’ open plan layout. Couples like the openness that barn wedding venues can offer. All the family and friends being fully incorporated in both the ceremony, the following wedding breakfast and onward into the evening festivities, everyone celebrates together in the same space.


2. The countryside wedding setting. Couples are sometimes not only drawn to the inclusiveness of the actual barn wedding but to the rural setting and space around. As life, careers and much of society is increasingly drawn into towns and cities, the appeal of ‘breaking out’ and getting back to nature is really compelling to couples who are starting the rest of their lives together. Why not get married surrounded by beautiful countryside and ‘getting back to our roots’!


3. Barns offer unusual wedding venues. Getting married at a barn wedding venue offers the bride & groom and their guests a more quirky wedding venue experience to the more well-trodden wedding venue route, say of church or registry office, followed by hospitality at a local hotel, marquee or hall. The rural setting and typically agricultural buildings often incorporate their farming past, with a range of barns, yards and historic buildings offering an interesting setting. Barn wedding venues also offer a blank canvass on which couples can then set out and decorate and as they choose.

Northamptonshire Wedding Venues Dodford Manor Oak Barn Wedding Breakfast Set Up

There are a good number of other compelling reasons why a barn wedding venue may be for you…. but that would be telling!

If you would like to know more or would like to come visit us (happily nestled in the countryside)

please do call us on 01327 349761 or email: enquiries@dodfordmanor-venue.co.uk

And congratulations once more!!!!