Option 2: Our barn wedding venues very own Dodford Manor Cellar!

The Dodford Manor Cellar is a fantastic alternative to the Bring Your Own Drinks option OR can be used in conjunction (with Bring Your Own Drinks).  You want the very best on your wedding day; stunning barn wedding venues – check, wonderful family and friends gathered together – check, delicious wedding day food –check, but what wines should you serve?  It is easy rush out and in the uncertainty buy expensive wines.  The knack is buying delicious tasting quality wine at great prices.


Working with a talented wine connoisseur, The Dodford Manor Cellar is a hand-picked selection of excellent wedding wines, fizz and champagne; at extremely competitive prices (we have even beaten wine wholesalers).


An added benefit is using The Dodford Manor Cellar means you don’t have to rush about trying, choosing, organising, storing, moving, repacking and delivering the wines to us – we do it all!


All you have to do is choose the wines and other drinks you would like on your wedding day at Dodford Manor and let us know.  You can try the full range of Cellar wines either:

– at a Dodford Manor Tasting Day (Food & Wine), or

– alternatively order a Dodford Manor Cellar Wine Tasting Pack.  Here couples and their family collect their Dodford Manor Pack, congregate at home and conduct a Wedding Wine Tasting party of our entire range (or  selected wines from the range) prior to making their decision!


Let us know what wedding wines and drinks you have decided upon and we’ll do the maths and quantities to ensure all your guests are fully looked after and check back with you prior invoicing and organising.


The Dodford Manor Cellar, operates within the same No Daytime Corkage Charge policy, just like Bring Your Own drinks.  At the end of your wedding breakfast any Cellar drinks not served to table, are then stored safely away for collection before 10am the next morning (by a designated member of your wedding party)!  Remaining Cellar Drinks are on a sale or return basis, but it seems most newlyweds wish to hold onto their wedding wine for their very own cellar!

Please click here to view our selection of drinks from the cellar